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The Summoner
Somewhere afar, above a vast deep forest, a deep thunder rumbled and a sharp gust of wind shot through the trees. The sky itself, just barely covered in white fluffy clouds, was still a cerulean colour; however, it was starting to turn into metallic grey on the side from where the thunder had come.
Another rumble.
A foreshadowing of what was about to come.
Another gust of wind grabbed the tall treetops and the trunks creaked under the sudden pressure. Apart from this noise though, everything was almost unnaturally quiet – almost as if the nature itself balked before such a sudden change.
The metallic grey clouds were quickly closing in from one side and started covering the calm azure blue sky, supressing any sunrays that could have possibly reached the ground. The air almost felt like it grew a few degrees colder, and there was an uncommon fresh smell in it.
Beautiful weather.
She sucked in the cold haze and exhaled deeply. The rocky overhang she was standing on shrouded
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Chapter Four: The Lightbringer
Warm sunrays were gently tickling her snout and the stone floor underneath her was unpleasantly cold against her purple skin. She rolled over on her other side and covered her snout with a paw, to sleep just a little bit longer, but a weird urge was not letting her go back to sleep.
Memories from last night flew through her head. She quickly opened her eyes a looked around.
No undead. Only a grassy place, surrounded by rocks from three sides, safely hidden in the middle of a forest. She had no idea how she had got here or how she had escaped from the claws of the undead. She slowly got on her feet to see the damage done.
To her surprise, all her wounds were gone. The deep cut on her neck was only marked by a subtle pale scar, and her wing membrane had healed perfectly. Even the dragoness herself was feeling good – understandably still tired, but it was nothing compared to what she had felt a few hours ago.
She heard a twig snap somewhere behind her, making her quickly turn around
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Lighiting-Dragon's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Czech Republic
I am that sort of person that does a lot of things but isn't really great in any of them, so I usually just end up playing games all day.
I draw both fanart and my original ideas. I also make plushies and amigurumi creatures.
Check my Etsy for custom plushies and patterns!
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I will be reopening again in late October / early November. Please check back then.
I would also like to remind you that my Etsy shop is always open for designs I have already made -

Please note that the waiting time for commissions at the moment is about 2.5-3 months since recieving the first payment.

By commissioning me you are accepting my terms and conditions written below and any issues arising from not reading and understanding these will be your responsibility.

I only accept commissions once I announce them as open; however feel free to order from my Etsy shop at any point, ask me for quotes or anything else about your project.



  Any kind of animals, non-human Pokemon, Digimon or animal-based OCs.


  Robots, humanoids, humans and anatomically correct plushies.

  • Slight stylization of your design may occur to fit in my plush making style. Please check my previous work to be sure you are comfortable with the style of my plushies.
  • I will not copy the plush design of another artist / company. This is illegal to do and I will never offer this under any circumstances.
  • I reserve the right to decline your commision if I feel like the design is too complicated for me or if I don't have the right resources available.
  • I will not make an OC that does not belong to the commissioner unless they get permission first.
  • All patterns I create in order to make your commission are my property and I reserve the right to use them for future commissions and / or offer them or the plushes based on them on Etsy, unless it's a personal OC.
  • My fabrics of choice are fleece and cuddle fleece, and (in limited colour choice) minky, sometimes combined with felt, stuffed with polyfill and glass beads if weigth is needed. For eyes I usually go with painted polymer clay, needlefelting or fabric, depending on the commissioner's choice. I do not have access to an embroidery machine.
  • For most colours, I need to order Minky from international sellers, since my local sellers have very limited colour supply. That means I only offer this option for medium / big plushes and I can not start until the fabric arrives, which could take up to 3-4 weeks.
  • All plushes come from a smoke-free, pet-friendly house.
  • All my items are intended for collectors and are not suited for children or rough play due to hand-stitched parts. They are not made to be machine-washed as it can damage the seams and stuffing. Please only use damp cloth to gently spot-clean any dirt.
  • Please note that I am a uni student and I can not meet any deadlines unless discussed. Estimated time for completing your order is roughly 2 - 3 months, largely depending on the complexity and if I made the design before.
  • I will attempt to take progress pictures, but I can only guarantee them in a limited quantity. With the number of orders I get combined with being a full-time uni student, I tend to try to get done as much as possible on a plush in a free day, instead of waiting for a response after a major step on the plush. I also try to design my patterns to be as much machine-sewn as possible, which means the plush is mostly a shapeless pile of fabric until it is stuffed.
  • Complicated designs will be designed with scrap fabric first, so progress pictures of the shape will be provided.
  • I will of course send a picture of a completed commision before shipping to make sure everything is alright. This is the last point when I can make (minor) alterations that do not majorly change the shape of the plush.


For orders or quotes, please contact me via a personal message on Etsy or through my email at Contacting through DA may be possible but I might miss your note, so Etsy/email is preferred.
Quotes are valid for 30 days.

If you are ordering please make sure your message includes:
- the character wanted
- an image reference that shows as many details as possible
- size
- prefered fabric
- pose
- if you want me to match the style of somethign from my gallery, please let me know
- country the plush will be shipped to
- if I already gave you a quote, please include it as well

You will be notified of whether you got a spot on the commission list or not.


Only accepting Paypal.
I will require at least 50% of the total shipped price to start working on your plush to cover materials cost, the other 50% once the plush is finished. First payment must be made within a week of committing to the purchase.
All payment is non-refundable and final.
Other payment plans can be discussed, but are not guaranteed.
Plushies won't be sent until the last payment + shipping are sent and cleared.


By sending the first 50% of the total shipped price, you are committing to the purchase. All payments are final and non-refundable.

If the item arrives damaged, it will need to be resolved with the post office, either on my on the reciever's side. you will be required to take picture proof of the damage for the post office.
All my parcels are insured to the full price. Please note that some post offices can take a couple months to resolve a claim.


Shipping worldwide is available, including insurance to the full price.
The costs vary depending on the weight, size and destination.
Tracking number will be provided.
I am not responsible for any damage made during the shipment process and you will have to resolve that with your post office.
I usually ship the same week the commission is finished or the last payment has been sent and cleared.
Any import charges, taxes etc. are the responsibility of the purchaser and not my own. Please research the import fees, taxes etc. of your own country before committing to your purchase.


No returns will be accepted.



All costs in USD.
Dimensions listed are for the biggest dimension.
All prices depend on the complexity of the design, time needed for completing details, number of colours used and where I am going to order fabric from.

All designs are available in polar fleece, cuddle fleece or (in limited colours) minky. Cuddle fleece is generally about $5-$10 more than fleece, while Minky is about $20-$25 more, depending on the size of the plush.

  • Small plushes, around 8" to 12" $40 - $100
  • Medium plushes, around 12" to 23" $80 - $180
  • Large plushes, 23" and bigger, starting at $140

Smaller and larger plushes are available after discussion. Very small plushes (around 6") are $25 - $40 and are available depending on the complexity of the design. 
Please note the shipping cost depends on the size and weigth of the package and large plushes are heavy. I can ship them unstuffed to reduce shipping costs.


Shipping costs depend on your country and will be estimated once you specify your order; however for general idea, shipping for very small plushes is around $7 to $10, for small ones around $16 - $20 and medium ones $20 - $28. Shipping for large plushes will be estimated individually.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send me a message!
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  • Playing: TF2
  • Drinking: Water


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